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Robotics Engineering Curriculum

Course Outline

Robotics Engineering Curriculum (REC) provides a comprehensive study of engineering concepts including:

  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical and electronics systems
  • Relevant activities and capstone projects in each semester

These core concepts are delivered with a robotics emphasis through relevant activities and projects using the award winning VEX Robotics hardware and easyC® robotic programming software. By using robotics as a vehicle to convey the principles of engineering, REC generates excitement and enthusiasm for the engineering field!


Robotics Engineering Curriculum Year 1


In REC 1, students build and program the BaseBot, then use it to conduct experiments demonstrating physics and mechanical properties, adding sensors and mechanisms. REC 1 concludes with a capstone project featuring competitive instructional strategies.


REC 1 Semester 1
REC Unit 1: Introduction to Robotics

REC Unit 2: Introduction to VEX Programming

REC Unit 3: Physics and Robotics


REC 1 Semester 2
REC Unit 4: Sensors


REC Unit 5: Arms and End Effectors


Unit 6: Project

2017 Mobile Robotics Medalist
2017 Mobile Robotics Medalist
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