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Posted 4/5/20


 1.  When will schools reopen?

Currently, by proclamation of the Governor, schools are closed through April 30.


 2.  Are school class assignments being given?

Assignments by grade level and subject area (Pre-K through 8) and certain core subjects (grades 9-12) available are online at

For students that do not have internet access at home and cannot access the online resources, paper learning packets are available at Southdown Elementary School and South Terrebonne High School.

Beginning Monday, April 6, on HTV Channel 10, there will be an education hour called “Terrebonne Teacher Time” daily at 3:30 pm. These lessons are aimed at younger children and will be given by our own teachers.


 3.  Are the on-line assignments and the paper learning packets the same?

The on-line assignments and paper learning packets are similar. The paper learning packets are being provided for those families without internet access at home.  If you can access the on-line materials, we encourage you to do that rather than picking up packets, and stay at home.


 4.  Are assignments going to be turned in and graded?

No, these assignments are not mandatory and will not be graded. They are intended as educational resources for families. During this crisis, additional stress is not needed.


 5.  How do I get support for my child with his/her work?

We encourage you to email your child's teacher with specific questions or set up a phone call or video conference using Google Hangout if you have internet access.  Teacher emails can be found on the school's webpage.  If teacher emails are not on the school website, all emails consist of teacher first and last name followed by  If you have any problems with contacting teachers, please email your principal.  


 6.  How will final grades be determined?

Final grades will be determined by using the grades that were obtained for the first three 9-week grading periods prior to closing. Should we return for any length of time, the grades for that period will count for the 4th period, and all 4 grades will be averaged.


 7.  Will this period of closure stop my senior from graduating?

No. Any student with passing marks when school closed will graduate, if the student was on track to graduate at the time schools were closed.


 8.  Will this period of closure cause my child to not be promoted?

No. Any student who was passing prior to the closure will still be on track to pass.


 9.  Are lunches available?

Yes, Grab-and-Go lunches are available every day from 11am to 1pm, Monday through Friday, at all 4 high schools.


10.  Will LEAP tests be given this year?



11.  Will graduation ceremonies take place?

Yes, we will have graduation ceremonies for our seniors. All graduation ceremonies are currently scheduled in May, so the dates have not been changed. However, if the Stay-at-Home proclamation is extended, we still intend to have graduation ceremonies, even if they have to be moved into summer.


12.  Will we have prom?

That decision hasn’t been made yet. We will make those decisions depending on health conditions of our community closer to the end of the school year.


13.  What is the status of other activities like spring sports, or cheer and dance tryouts?

There are no activities happening while schools are closed. At this time, we plan to resume all of those activities once schools reopen.


14.  What do I do if my child needs a work permit?

In response to the current COVID-19 event per La. R.S. 23:184.1, the 1Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) will begin issuing sixty (60) day blanket Employment Certificates for employers desiring to employ minors in the State of Louisiana. For more information, visit net or email


15.  How can I get updated information?

We are posting regular updates to our website,, and to our official TPSB Facebook page. You should also be receiving phone calls concerning updates and changes if you are a parent.