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Spring Fest 2016

Car Show

1st – Greg Dobney

2nd – Larry Freman

3rd – Julie Hornsby


1st  Team Alexis

2nd – Rue Calliou 

3rd – Team Diesel

2014 Fall Award Winners

Truck Class

1st – Coty Pitre

2nd – Buddy Ledet

3rd – Cody Toups

Car Class

1st Anthony Chasisson

2ndChester Ledet

3rdBlair Voisin

2014 Spring Award Winners

Grand Champion (Best of Show)

Paul Burke

Truck Class

1st - Buddy Ledet

2nd - Cody Toups

3rd - Coty Pitre

Car Class

1st - Paul Burke

2nd – Chester Ledet

3rd – Dane Funguy

Bike Class

1st – Bregan Bergeron

2nd – Jody Marcel

3rd – Jody Marcel

Sound Off

1st - Scott Cantrelle

2nd - Drey Dupre

3rd - Cody Toups


Spring Fest

2019 Spring Fest date unknown 

Online Registration

Jambalaya Cookoff Rules


1. Cooking ingredients must include:  At least 3 lbs. of rice/pasta.


2. Cooks must furnish cooking pots and utensils.  Cooks must furnish all ingredients, seasoning, and cookware.


3.  Electricity will be provided (please let us know on registration)


4.  A styrofoam container will be provided for judging.  A volunteer will pick up sample to bring to judges at 11:30.  There will be a penalty for late entries. All COOKING must be done onsite.


5.  Bowls, utensils and napkins will be provided by TCT for serving the samples to the public.


6.  Only cooks and helpers are allowed in the cooking area.  No cooks or helpers will be allowed in the vicinity of the Judging area.


7. Trash cans are provided to dispose of all trash. It is your responsibility to leave your cooking area clean and free of trash……Absolutely no cooking oil is to be poured on the ground or in drains. There will be no dumping or cleaning pots on the school grounds. 


8.  Registration for cooks starts at 7:00 AM.


9. Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners.

Important info

Food and drinks will be available for purchase 

All proceeds benefit TCT's SkillsUSA chapter. 

Mailing Address:

3051 Patriot Dr.

Houma, La 70363


Set up time: 7 - 10 AM




LMTCT Mr. Crochet, Mr. Blank and Mr. Landry


LMTCT Mr. Crochet, Mr. Blank and Mr. Landry

Hello Students... Please log on to your

1.Google classroom

2. Look for LMTCT Administration

3. Join me with class code kntwebh.


Make it a great day, or not. The Choice is yours!