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JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates)

Goals of the JAG Program

  • To develop a sense of belonging to the class, club and school.
  • To enhance self-esteem through leadership and recognition activities.
  • To develop, practice and refine business and social skills that will promote career and educational advancements.
  • To build pride in the classroom, in a student-led Career Association, and within the workplace.
  • All to become productive citizens in the world today.

JAG is ..........

COMPETENCY BASED: The JAG model is a national model built around 81 competencies

CREDIT BASED: JAG-LA is an approved career exploration class. Students receive grades and earn high school credits while enrolled.

DATA DRIVEN: JAG students received 120 documented hours of service from the specialist in the areas of community service, field rips, guest speakers, guidance counseling, academic remediation, work-based learning and employment skills. 


JAG Mission

JAG's mission is to help younger people stay in school transition into higher education,and to acquire academic, leadership and personal upon graduation.


Community Connection

The strength and success of JAG are mainly due to partnerships with:

  • EMPLOYERS- building connections with the local workforce is critical to JAG's success. Business opportunities are explored below.
  • EDUCATION-  High Schools, Adult Basic Education Providers and post-secondary education institutions help JAG students to reach their full potential.

Business Leadership Opportunities

  • Volunteer as a classroom speaker and or mentor
  • invite students for company tours
  • Provide jobs and internships 
  • Sponsor events, field trips and local, state, and national JAG Conferences
  • Recognize student accomplishments through letters, certificates and prizes

Businesses can benefit by hiring quality entry-level workers who are prepared to enter the workforce. It is critical to the future of our state's economy to produce high school graduates who are ready to enter the workforce as well as plan a brighter future based on the knowledge gained in the JAG program.


****JAG students are selected through an interview progress****



Make it a great day, or not. The Choice is yours!